Indeterminable Frames

A digital humanities + film and media studies project re-examining the moving image.





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Works Cited

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Films Cited

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The films as captasets used in this project were generated from DVDs featuring the moving image works or sourced from my own non-circulating collection, as these are the best copies available for research. The resulting files were used only for the purpose of this project.

The use of the works constitutes fair use and passes the four factors of the "fair use test" as defined by Section 107 of the Copyright Act and by the U.S. Copyright Office(opens in a new tab): purpose, nature, amount, and effect.

Additional Resources

Dave Rodriguez's Particles in Space and Colors of Ozu(opens in a new tab)

FFmpeg Bug Tracker and Wiki(opens in a new tab)

ffmprovisr(opens in a new tab)

Image Macroanalysis in Javascript (IMJ) by Zach Whalen(opens in a new tab)

ImagePlot for ImageJ(opens in a new tab) by the Software Studies Initiative


This project was created by Patricia Ledesma Villon for Professor Miriam Posner's Winter 2021 graduate-level DH 201: Introduction to Digital Humanities(opens in a new tab) class at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Send comments, questions, or feedback to pvillon [at] ucla [dot] edu or follow Patricia on Twitter at @ptvln(opens in a new tab).

(Note: As of July 2021, I aim to have the images here be IIIF(opens in a new tab)-compliant. More soon, one day.)

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